Family Lawyers Epping

Family Lawyers Epping

Having Family Lawyers Epping may leave you with more questions than answers.

Our family lawyers understand that you need a compassionate approach to addressing your concerns, whether divorce, child custody, or financial independence.

Clients’ wants and needs are at the center of everything we do.

By doing so, we will be able to achieve specific results, enabling you to go forward with confidence in your life.

We aim to provide you and your family unique solutions at Family Lawyers Epping. When life-changing events cause stress and anxiety, know that we are here. 

Family Lawyers Epping

Our Practice Areas

  • Litigation in the Federal Circuit Court & Family Court of Australia
  • Mediation 
  • Consent Orders (including modification)
  • Property Settlement
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Splitting/Division of Assets
  • Parenting Arrangements and Child Custody
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • De Facto Relationships
  • Will and Estate Planning

Divorce Matters and Proceedings

Every divorce matter has many unique aspects. These additional factors can potentially increase the length of time until the divorce. Aside from that, you still have to face other facets of family life.  That includes negotiations as regards child custody & support, maintenance, visitation, and even paternity. Family Lawyers Epping uses every legal resource at our disposal to help you reach favorable terms in your divorce. We will do it in a cost-efficient manner without compromising your rights. This will help you live a fresh start. 

Child Support Matters

Whether you need to start or modify the terms stipulated in your child support agreement, Family Lawyers Epping is here at your service.  ‍

Family Lawyers Epping
Family Lawyers Epping

Parenting Time & Visitation

Are you seeking visitation, or have been denied the right to see your child? Family Lawyers Epping will fight for your parental rights and visitation privileges. Whether you are seeking visitation, blocked by the other parent, or need to update visitation to protect your child, we have the experience you need that ensures your matter comes to

Family Mediation

Mediation to resolve family issues can effectively reduce the length and costs associated with a divorce or other family matters. Contact our solicitors at Family Lawyers Epping to learn how we can help you negotiate issues involving your family matter.‍

Child Custody Matters

We advocate for parenting time divided that grants child stability and safety and preserves parental bond. We at Family Lawyers Epping assert our clients’ rights to decide how their children are raised in custody matters

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Family Lawyers Epping

High Net-Worth Divorce Matters

If you or your spouse have a high net worth or together you have a large amount f monetary and property assets, you have unique needs that need to be addressed. Let us at Family Lawyers Epping help you narrow down your issues until both parties come to a decision. 

Spousal Maintenance

Divorces are an emotional time for all parties involved. Get an experienced spousal maintenance lawyer that uses every resource available to ensure a fair divorce settlement & proper terms for your spousal maintenance agreements. You can do so by hiring our legal team at Family Lawyers Epping.

Will and Estate Planning

Whether for setting up a will or intricate estate plans, requiring probate lawyers, administering an estate, or for a dispute over the provisions of a will. Our expert wills and estate lawyers at Family Lawyers Epping are here to help.

Consent Orders and Modifications

If both parties have reached an agreement about parenting and/or financial/property arrangements and want to formalise the agreement to make it legally binding, you can apply for consent orders. Consent orders can also be used to vary or discharge existing family law orders.

De Facto Relationships

Separation is indeed one of the hardest problems to deal with. However, it pays to know that not because you are not married to your partner doesn’t mean you no longer have legal rights. At Family Lawyers Epping, we will discuss all your rights in a property settlement or parenting rights. 

Splitting of Properties

As couples split up, their properties must be separated for them to continue on their own. Whether you’re at the stage of negotiating with your partner about coming up with an agreement or need the agreement to be binding, we are here to help at Family Lawyers Epping.

What is a De Facto Relationship?

The term “De Facto Relationship” refers to a genuine domestic relationship between unrelated people.

A birth, death, or marriage is registered with the appropriate registry.

Unlike a marriage, a De Facto Relationship does not require a marriage certificate to prove the commitment of two people.

De Facto relationships, however, are registered with a certificate.

In the eyes of the law, a De Facto Relationship is one step above an ordinary relationship because it is treated almost as a marriage would be. The registration of De Facto Relationships is not allowed for married couples.

Why Would You Register Yourself As In A De Facto Relationship?

Those registering as De Facto Relationships have the same rights as married couples, including property settlements, spousal maintenance, parenting orders, and child support if the relationship ends.

Family Lawyers Epping
Family Lawyers Epping

What Is The Disadvantage Of Being In A De Facto Relationship?

In contrast to a marriage, a De Facto Relationship has some disadvantages

De Facto couples must prove they were in a genuine domestic relationship regarding property settlements, spousal maintenance, and parenting orders. 

A couple must show the following to be eligible to apply for spousal maintenance or property division:

  • At least two years had passed since they were in a relationship
  • As a result of the relationship, a child was born
  • In a state or territory, the relationship was registered
  • One party made significant contributions, and it would be unfair not to award property.
  • Married couples seeking orders after separation or divorce are not subject to these gateway requirements.

De facto partners can apply to the court for orders regarding parenting or property within the same time frame as married couples

Separated couples have up to 2 years after their separation date, and married couples have up to 1 year after their divorce is finalized.

Want to ensure your de facto relationship won’t cause you problems in the future? Talk to us at Family Lawyers Epping. Let us help you protect your future. 

Client Reviews

From the very first phone call I have been extremely impressed with the level of expertise, care and responsiveness. Having had 6 months of delays, poor communications and mistakes with another firm, it was an overwhelming relief to have a conversation with Hadyer, and then Guiseppe. They went out of their way to understand my case, and quickly distilled how they would take this on - both in terms of next steps and overall strategy. Information on their cost structure was simple and transparent. In a time of extreme stress, its great to not only get expertise, but also care and empathy, and realistic advice. Following on from my rubbish experience at a different firm, I did extensive research and spoke to many other firms. It would be very hard to go past Hayder and Guiseppe. You will be in good hands. Completely, whole heartedly recommend! Thankyou!
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The Mino W
The team's expertise and genuine care for their clients is unparalleled, making them the go-to firm for all your legal needs.
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The service I received was truly exceptional - it combined expert legal advice with a professional and compassionate approach. This was all the more remarkable considering the challenging and frustrating situation at hand.
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Leanne Fish
Thank you to the team for their continuous support, and for handling my situation with empathy and professionalism. Wasn’t sure where to go, really glad I turned to you all for the right legal advice.
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Thankyou to Penelope and the entire team of Melbourne Family Lawyers in assisting me in all aspects of my issues. Penelope was very understanding and absolutely professional in every manner through the entire legal process ensuring a great outcome. Totally recommend Penelope and the team at Melbourne Family Lawyers, honest, profession and totally understanding.
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Claud Mangifesta
The initial free consultation was very worthwhile and informative, with frank discussion of my situation. I was very appreciative that this could be organised within a few days of making contact.
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