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Family Lawyers Melton

Hiring the right lawyers is the first step to achieving peace of mind.

Our lawyers at Family Lawyers Melton address a wide range of family law issues. Our practice does not limit itself to domestic relations. We focus on the family as a whole. Those areas include child custody, divorce, child support, adoption, housing, guardianship, and property settlements. 

As a family law firm, we strive to provide you with a positive experience through our work. Contact Family Lawyers Melton today to find out why we are the best for the job. Time and money invested in this project will pay off in the long run.


Skilled Family Lawyers Melton

There is no doubt that family law issues can be emotionally draining, expensive, and complicated. Don’t worry though; a specialized legal counsel from Family Lawyers Melton will guide you through the legal process. Furthermore, we have your family’s best interests at heart. You can rest assured that a positive life for you after this trial is what we are after.

Family Lawyers Melton

Choose Family Lawyers Melton

With more than enough years of experience, Family Lawyers Melton was able to help families avoid or survive even the worst family turmoil.

Bringing clarity to chaos is our main goal. We determine the most reasonable and wisest course of action by evaluating your legal options. Our professionals handle every case with professionalism, top-notch skills, and dedication.

With all these, disputes in family law can now be put to rest.

Putting Your Needs First

It is possible to act impulsively during a divorce if you let your emotions get the best of you. We at Family Lawyers Melton will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Educating and preparing you for level-headed, informed decision-making is our goal. We create comprehensive plans in cases involving child custody, alimony, and property division.

Services at Family Lawyers Melton

To help you get back on track, our legal team provides sound legal advice and support in the following areas:


Family Lawyers Melton is experienced in both contested and uncontested divorces. Our experience ranges from drafting child support plans to negotiate alimony and dividing marital property fairly.

Family Lawyers Melton


When deciding a child’s custody after a divorce, many factors are considered, including the child’s age, sex, health, emotional bond with parents, each parent’s health, ability to guide the child, living situation, and level of involvement.

Spousal support or alimony

A court may order a person to support their spouse after a divorce financially. The exact amount depends on multiple factors, like the capacity of the other parent to work or tend to their financial needs. In addition, whether the spouse cares for their child. 

Family Lawyers Melton understands legal procedures and subtle nuances in this area. Providing Melbourne families with workable and fair alimony agreements is what we do best.

Prenups or Postnups

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement isn’t just for the wealthy. There is no doubt that they are an excellent idea for everyone.

Are you getting married soon? Before you tie the knot, we will help you create a legally binding contract listing all your properties and debts.

Our team will assist you in drafting a legal document that details how your assets and liabilities will be divided in the event of divorce.

Family Lawyers Melton


Changing careers, being deployed overseas, or losing income are just a few examples of what life brings. A significant change in circumstances can make child support, custody, or alimony obligations unreasonable. In such situations, our lawyers can assist you in modifying or terminating the child support, alimony, or custody order.

Family Lawyers Melton

What Is Parental Alienation?

Alienation occurs when one parent deliberately damages a child’s relationship with the other parent.

Psychiatrists and lawyers have long been aware of parental alienation.

It can be difficult to prove parental alienation.

Many people have misconceptions about parental alienation and what types of behavior constitute parental alienation.

It is possible for a child to prefer spending time with one parent over the other.

There may be legitimate reasons for this, such as a difficult parent-child relationship or one parent alienating the other.

Examples of parental alienation:

  • Parents who alienate their children use emotional manipulation to influence them.
  • Consult a child custody lawyer about the effects of parental alienation on the child and what the different case law states about parental alienation.
  • Parental alienation can take the form of the following behaviors:
  • Denigrating the other parent in front of the child is a common behavior.
  • A parent who alienates his or her child generally wants to limit the amount of time the child spends with the other parent.
  • By texting excessively, they may interfere with the designated parenting time of the other parent.
  • The parent may reconstruct memories of past events to alter the child’s perception of the other parent, resulting in damaging and untrue beliefs.
  • Keeping secrets between the alienating parent and the child is another key alienating behaviour, which the child has been instructed not to disclose to the other parent.
  • The alienating parent may make false allegations of abuse to prevent the child from spending time with their other parent.

As a result, parental alienation is a particularly controversial syndrome.

Behaviors of this type are most likely to develop after a parent’s relationship has broken down and may increase if the parent remarries.

Parental alienation behaviors can also occur when parents are still married.

Family Lawyers Melton

How Does A Family Report Work?

Professionals write family reports to help the judge determine what is best for the children involved and what outcome is best for the family.

Courts order it, and it can be done either publicly or privately.

Families will be assigned family consultants if the system is public.

Family consultants are court-appointed experts on issues relating to families and children.

Usually, they are psychologists or social workers who specialize in working with families after separation or divorce.

In many court cases, family reports are included.

Upon reasonable suspicion, the family consultant must alert the welfare authorities:

  • Abuse has occurred, or the child is at risk of abuse
  • Mistreatment has occurred or is likely to occur to the child
  • Psychiatric harm has been or will be caused to the child. 

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From the very first phone call I have been extremely impressed with the level of expertise, care and responsiveness. Having had 6 months of delays, poor communications and mistakes with another firm, it was an overwhelming relief to have a conversation with Hadyer, and then Guiseppe. They went out of their way to understand my case, and quickly distilled how they would take this on - both in terms of next steps and overall strategy. Information on their cost structure was simple and transparent. In a time of extreme stress, its great to not only get expertise, but also care and empathy, and realistic advice. Following on from my rubbish experience at a different firm, I did extensive research and spoke to many other firms. It would be very hard to go past Hayder and Guiseppe. You will be in good hands. Completely, whole heartedly recommend! Thankyou!
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The Mino W
The team's expertise and genuine care for their clients is unparalleled, making them the go-to firm for all your legal needs.
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The service I received was truly exceptional - it combined expert legal advice with a professional and compassionate approach. This was all the more remarkable considering the challenging and frustrating situation at hand.
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Thank you to the team for their continuous support, and for handling my situation with empathy and professionalism. Wasn’t sure where to go, really glad I turned to you all for the right legal advice.
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Thankyou to Penelope and the entire team of Melbourne Family Lawyers in assisting me in all aspects of my issues. Penelope was very understanding and absolutely professional in every manner through the entire legal process ensuring a great outcome. Totally recommend Penelope and the team at Melbourne Family Lawyers, honest, profession and totally understanding.
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The initial free consultation was very worthwhile and informative, with frank discussion of my situation. I was very appreciative that this could be organised within a few days of making contact.
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