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Family Lawyers Mornington

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Family Lawyers Mornington will assist you with your legal concerns regarding family disputes.

Family Lawyers Mornington has served Melbourne families with competent legal advice for years. We provide legal services in a wide range of fields, including:

Family Lawyers Mornington


Adopting a child can bring happiness to families, but it can also cause considerable pain if something goes wrong.

The Family Lawyers Mornington assists families with the complex legal paperwork and adoption procedures, so they feel confident that their child’s well-being is protected.


While divorce is difficult, it shouldn’t lead to a financial crisis.

With the help of Family Lawyers Mornington, you can establish fair and equitable spousal support, allowing you to continue to live comfortably.

Child Custody And Visitation

Divorce is heartbreaking for every parent, especially regarding child custody.

Our Mornington Family Lawyers will fight for your parental rights so you can raise your children in a healthy and safe environment.

Family Lawyers Mornington
Family Lawyers Mornington

Child support

Raising a child is a shared responsibility between both parents.

Providing your child with the financial support they need for a healthy, happy life is our number one priority at Family Lawyers Mornington.

Child Support Modification

Child support payments remain the same without a court modification of the child support order. 

In the event there is a significant change in circumstances, Family Lawyers Mornington can assist in modifying child support payments in accordance with the appropriate legal procedures.


You can count on Family Lawyers Mornington for support throughout the divorce process.

Whether in court or at the negotiation table, we always strive to achieve the best possible results in handling issues such as the division of assets, child support, and child custody.



Often, mediation provides more expedient, predictable results than court trials because it puts the decision in your hands.

Family Lawyers Mornington has experienced negotiators who can help you reach a favorable divorce settlement.

Family Lawyers Mornington

Prenuptial Agreements

The potential problems leading to the divorce may not be foreseen when you marry your beloved.

Family Lawyers Mornington drafts premarital agreements that protect both spouses’ interests and prepare for the unexpected. A divorce agreement can ease some of the stress if you divorce.

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Family Lawyers Mornington

How Long Does A Divorce Take?

Property settlements and child custody may also interest you if you are wondering how long it takes for a divorce to end.

Property and asset splits are based on when your divorce is approved, not when you file for divorce.

When a disputed divorce occurs, or when one of the parties disagrees with the divorce, the process takes longer to finalize.

The court, sometimes, will even put your divorce application on hold if it is completed erroneously.

If you need help with all facets of divorce, talk to us at Family Lawyers Mornington. We’ll try our best to make your divorce proceeding go as smoothly as possible. 

Divorce Financial Checklist

The best way to ensure you’re receiving the best financial advice for a divorce is to follow a divorce checklist:

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Bank Accounts And Credit Cards

List all joint accounts, separate accounts, and credit cards.

It is recommended that you close joint bank accounts and joint credit cards. It prevents one spouse from raising huge debts or withdrawing money without your knowledge.

As a result of this breach, you should change the passwords on all of your accounts and bank cards.

Obtain a separate credit card and account under your sole name.


Make sure your legal interest is not compromised by placing a caveat on your property.

This should be done with the advice of a lawyer.

Removing a name on the title without paying stamp duty is possible if you previously held property in joint names and have reached a financial settlement.

If you decide to go this route, you may want to refinance your mortgage under the new owner’s name.

Those renting a property who have decided they will no longer live there should contact the agent to remove their names from the lease.

Make sure your name is no longer on any utility bills related to the property.

Family Lawyers Mornington
Family Lawyers Mornington

Make a plan and take stock

It’s important to understand what your new financial future will look like after a relationship breaks down.

A financial plan is one of the first things you should do to manage your situation.

Understanding and knowing one’s current financial situation is essential before beginning financial planning.  

When it comes to managing anything in life, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Create a spreadsheet with financial information such as bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage repayments, life insurance, weekly expenses, bills, etc.

By using a spreadsheet, you can digest the information more easily.

Taking stock of what you own can be done with the ASIC stocktake calculator.

After gathering basic information, such as interest rates, making detailed notes on the different accounts is easier.

You would have had different financial goals before you got divorced.

The plans may have included preparing for your shared retirement.

After a divorce, the separation of shared finances means you should now re-evaluate your financial goals.

If you need to handle your current situation before moving forward with previous long-term savings goals, you might consider holding off on long-term goals.

Writing down your financial goals post-divorce will help you visualize your new priorities.

Personal circumstances determine what is most important to you financially.

Feeling uncertain about your property settlement? Let Family Lawyers Mornington handle all the paperwork for you. Taking this step would relieve some of your burdens.

Client Reviews

From the very first phone call I have been extremely impressed with the level of expertise, care and responsiveness. Having had 6 months of delays, poor communications and mistakes with another firm, it was an overwhelming relief to have a conversation with Hadyer, and then Guiseppe. They went out of their way to understand my case, and quickly distilled how they would take this on - both in terms of next steps and overall strategy. Information on their cost structure was simple and transparent. In a time of extreme stress, its great to not only get expertise, but also care and empathy, and realistic advice. Following on from my rubbish experience at a different firm, I did extensive research and spoke to many other firms. It would be very hard to go past Hayder and Guiseppe. You will be in good hands. Completely, whole heartedly recommend! Thankyou!
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The Mino W
The team's expertise and genuine care for their clients is unparalleled, making them the go-to firm for all your legal needs.
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Irene Casucian
The service I received was truly exceptional - it combined expert legal advice with a professional and compassionate approach. This was all the more remarkable considering the challenging and frustrating situation at hand.
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Leanne Fish
Thank you to the team for their continuous support, and for handling my situation with empathy and professionalism. Wasn’t sure where to go, really glad I turned to you all for the right legal advice.
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Thankyou to Penelope and the entire team of Melbourne Family Lawyers in assisting me in all aspects of my issues. Penelope was very understanding and absolutely professional in every manner through the entire legal process ensuring a great outcome. Totally recommend Penelope and the team at Melbourne Family Lawyers, honest, profession and totally understanding.
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Claud Mangifesta
The initial free consultation was very worthwhile and informative, with frank discussion of my situation. I was very appreciative that this could be organised within a few days of making contact.
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Ryan W