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Family Lawyers Eltham

Families often face complex and overwhelming legal issues. Adding children to the situation can make it even more complicated and frightening. 

The best outcome for your case depends on the support of an experienced and trusted team by your side.

With years of experience and leadership in family law, Family Lawyers Eltham is an ideal choice. 

Our firm assists clients in every aspect of family law throughout Melbourne using top-notch advocacy and negotiation skills. 

Whether it’s litigation, negotiation, or mediation, our lawyers are prepared to represent you in and out of the courtroom from the beginning to the end of the process, including trial and appeal.

Family Lawyers Eltham understands that no two families or individuals are alike. Therefore, our lawyers use a personal and individualized approach to understand your needs and ensure that your objectives are fully met. 

We aim at Family Lawyers Eltham to get to know you, share our knowledge, and help you understand how the law affects you.

Family law matters such as divorce and child custody is often multi-faceted and involves several law areas. 

As a cross-disciplinary law firm, Family Lawyers Eltham offers complete legal services tailored specifically to each client’s needs.


Our lawyers routinely collaborate with other practice areas of the firm. That Domestic Violence and Estate Planning provide comprehensive and unified services to our clients. 

With our knowledge, skills, and resources, Family Lawyers Eltham can handle delicate matters effectively, identify potential pitfalls before they arise, and develop innovative solutions to the most complex problems of the day.

Legal counsel at our Family Lawyers Eltham has represented clients facing various family law issues.

That includes high-net-worth divorces and high-conflict child custody cases.

In high-net-worth divorces, we use sophisticated legal strategies to protect our client’s interests and financial security. 

As experienced family lawyers in Melbourne, we are committed to obtaining the most favorable judgment or settlement for our clients

Family Lawyers Eltham is committed to diligently helping you identify and resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Regardless of whether you are going through a divorce or involved in a custody or support dispute, we are here.

We are dedicated to addressing your family law needs with compassion, cost-effectiveness, and sensitivity.

At Family Lawyers Eltham, we provide high-quality legal representation and unparalleled service across a wide range of family law matters, including:

We understand how difficult and sensitive these situations can be and are here to assist you. 

As a client of Family Lawyers Eltham, you will have direct access to your lawyer and support every step of the way. 

In your search for resolutions and closure to all aspects of family law, our legal counsel can be indispensable to help you achieve your family’s best interests and well-being.

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How Legal Is Spousal Maintenance?

Financial support for an ex-spouse or ex de facto partner is a responsibility if one cannot do so for oneself.

It is the responsibility of both parties to support each other during and after a relationship. This obligation continues after separation and divorce as well.

Child maintenance obligations are separate from spousal maintenance. These are determined by several factors.

Spousal maintenance applications have two types:

Spousal Maintenance

During divorce proceedings, if one party cannot support themselves adequately, the other party will be paid support.

De Facto Maintenance

It differs from spousal maintenance in dealing with de facto relationships instead of legal marriages.

Are you having trouble navigating the application process for spousal maintenance? We at Family Lawyers Eltham can assist you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this right and how to apply. 

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How Much Is Reasonable Spousal Maintenance?

In determining how much spousal maintenance you must pay, the court will look at the following factors regarding both you and your ex-partner:

  • The state of your health and your age
  • A suitable and fair standard of living
  • The relationship impacts your ability to earn an income, both now and in the past. When children are involved, and the primary caregiver has put their career on hold to care for the couple’s children, this is particularly relevant
  • A description of your income, financial resources, property, and other investments

The above points are used in the spousal maintenance calculator.

A family court must meet two criteria to award spousal support.

One of these factors is capacity; one person must be financially capable of supporting the other.

Second, the other party is not able to support themselves adequately on their own income for one of the reasons listed below:

The person is the primary caregiver of a child under 18 in the relationship

Incapacity to work due to physical or mental impairment

Most people want to know if spousal maintenance can be reduced.

Having trouble deciding how much spousal maintenance to allocate? Don’t hesitate to contact Family Lawyers Eltham. We will see through your ex-spouse’s application and plan out the best amount for alimony. 

Is It Possible To Reduce Spousal Maintenance?

Has your ex found a new partner? You probably wonder if you must continue paying spousal maintenance when your ex remarries.

A family court will decide this and evaluate it on a case-by-case basis per the laws outlined in the 1975 Family Law Act.

If your ex remarries, you must no longer pay maintenance unless a court orders you to do otherwise.

Your ex’s ability to support themselves financially will be re-evaluated if they enter into a new de facto partnership.

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