Consent Order Cost: 3 Helpful Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Consent Order Cost: How Much Does It Cost

The filing fee for Consent orders is $195. This is the fee the Family Court charges to have the orders reviewed and hopefully approved.

The cost of preparing a consent order can vary based on the complexity of the orders and the work required.

You may want to do it yourself, meaning that it will be free of cost.

While the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia have set fees for applying for consent orders, legal firms may charge additional fees for their services.

For instance, a law firm may offer a standard consent order package for couples who have agreed on the division of assets, and they may provide a fixed fee quote after an initial meeting. Typically law firms will charge $4,000 – $10,000 to assist with consent orders.

The price varies based on the complexity of the orders, as well as the amount of negotiating required to finalise the orders.

Who Will Cover the Consent Order Cost 

The cost of the consent order is typically borne by the party who engages the lawyer.

They can decide to share the costs equally, or one party might cover all the expenses.

It’s essential to discuss and agree upon this before proceeding.

How Can I Pay for the Consent Order Cost 

Payment methods will depend on the legal firm or service you’re using.

Most firms accept various forms of payment, including bank transfers, credit cards or cash.

It’s best to consult directly with the firm or check their website for specific payment options.

What If I Cannot Pay for the Consent Order Cost 

Some firms might offer payment plans or reduced fees if you’re facing financial difficulties.

Additionally, you might be eligible for a fee reduction or exemption from the Family Court based on certain criteria, such as holding a government health concession card or experiencing financial hardship.

Seek Legal Advice

Understanding the intricacies of consent orders and their associated costs is crucial for anyone navigating the family law system in Australia.

While the process might seem daunting, seeking legal advice can provide clarity and peace of mind.

Remember, while costs are a factor, the long-term benefits of a legally binding agreement can provide stability and security for all parties involved.

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